Andrew B asked 12 months ago

I just joined this group and haven't perused Q&A yet but I will ask my question and if it has been answered simply refer me to the appropriate page.
I am wondering about memory. As this applies to me: I am going to Greece for two weeks in October and wonder if I will have enough memory to last the entire trip. Will there be sim cards or chips as in my Nikon that I can swap out when full? I wasn't planning on bringing a laptop to download to. Another option is nightly editing and removal of dupes or failed shots. You get my drift.
Again, probably a simple answer that I can find out by reading tech stuff, but since you solicited questions, I thought I would ask.

3 Answers
Andrew B answered 12 months ago

Well, I see that memory was the first question asked and that it will ship with 256GB. Since the card in my Nikon is only 8GB, I presume that 256GB will be sufficient for two weeks, even at 52MP/per pic, if used judiciously. Am I missing anything here?

Don W answered 12 months ago

If you are not comfortable with the above answer, maybe something like ‘Dropbox' would be the way to go or maybe as a back up maybe at the very least.

Shawn N answered 12 months ago

If the images are about 30MB each (this is what was discussed when the camera was introduced), 256GB will hold about 8500 shots.  It doesn't shoot video yet, but obviously shooting video will consume the memory much faster.

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