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Michael S asked 11 months ago

Does anyone know why when I connect my L16 to my computer, Lumen detects the device, but shows no images on my L16. Only sometimes I can transfer my images – I cannot find a pattern as to why.

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Mark S answered 11 months ago

Do you have a password set on your L16? If you do TRY removing it. Once I did, I no longer had this issue.

David A answered 11 months ago

Are using Windows or Apple?  I had issue with my new iMac and Apple support helped me to resolve, by removing or turning off “Dropbox” a image sharing software (that was running in the background) I was using with my Sailing community.  Works great now.  I also posted my findings in the General discussion.  
If Windows, look for other running image viewing programs that might be getting between L16 and Lumen

Kevin T answered 11 months ago

Had the same issues on my Macbook pro. Two things to try:

1) If you are running Dropbox, shut it down from the taskbar icon. Somehow it interferes with Lumen seeing the files
2) Launch Lumen first and then plug in the camera. You should see the “transfer from L16” button turn blue when you plug in the camera.
Seems to work most of the time for me.

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