Issues w/Setup, No Lumen Password

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Patrick R asked 1 year ago

Received my L16 today. A few issues with it crashing while setting up. Main disappointment is the password for Lumen was never emailed to me, so will likely be a 48 hour wait for Light to respond with it (unless anyone wants to help me out!).
Also: when I connect the camera via USB to my Mac, it doesn't recognize it as a device. I would think this is necessary for the Lumen software to pull the files off. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

lightRumors Staff replied 1 year ago

You got an email the day you paid with the link to Lumen and the password. If you don’t find it, email light, they respond quickly. [email protected]

lightRumors Staff replied 1 year ago

There’s a KNOWN bug in the current Lumen where it doesn’t recognize USB drives. Copy the images to the internal drive and open from there

lightRumors Staff replied 1 year ago

oops. I can’t read LOL

When you have lumen installed and running, it will connect to your camera when the cord is connected

lightRumors Staff replied 1 year ago

email me – [email protected]

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Patrick R answered 1 year ago

Thanks for the quick response! Hoping they respond soon. I checked my payment confirmation, but no password details. Not sure if it's because I'm on the commercial buyer list. Will keep you posted!

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