Issues w/Setup, No Lumen Password

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Patrick R asked 11 months ago

Received my L16 today. A few issues with it crashing while setting up. Main disappointment is the password for Lumen was never emailed to me, so will likely be a 48 hour wait for Light to respond with it (unless anyone wants to help me out!).
Also: when I connect the camera via USB to my Mac, it doesn't recognize it as a device. I would think this is necessary for the Lumen software to pull the files off. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

lightRumors Staff replied 11 months ago

You got an email the day you paid with the link to Lumen and the password. If you don’t find it, email light, they respond quickly. [email protected]

lightRumors Staff replied 11 months ago

There’s a KNOWN bug in the current Lumen where it doesn’t recognize USB drives. Copy the images to the internal drive and open from there

lightRumors Staff replied 11 months ago

oops. I can’t read LOL

When you have lumen installed and running, it will connect to your camera when the cord is connected

lightRumors Staff replied 11 months ago

email me – [email protected]

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Patrick R answered 11 months ago

Thanks for the quick response! Hoping they respond soon. I checked my payment confirmation, but no password details. Not sure if it's because I'm on the commercial buyer list. Will keep you posted!

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