Is there a grip?

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lightRumors Staff asked 2 years ago

Will the Light L16 have a grip?

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lightRumors Staff answered 2 years ago

FYI – after visiting Light in San Francisco, I have learned that the grip is still in design and will be shipped when ready – but the implication is that won't be in the short term.

lightRumors Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, there is a grip and it contains an extra battery. That will double the capacity.

The grip is an add on accessory – it does not come with the camera. However, those who pre-ordered in the initial order will get a free grip.

Jay S answered 2 years ago

Free grip (and battery?), cool!

Ian O answered 2 years ago

There is the possibility of a grip in the future which will provide image stabilisation, as described at 50:10 here:  Maybe such a grip might be made available when the video capability is added.

Shawn N answered 2 years ago

This is excellent information. I did not realize a grip would be included for pre-orders.

Paul G answered 2 years ago

I didn't get a grip with my preorder just camera.

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