How long will the battery last?

QuestionsCategory: light cameraHow long will the battery last?
lightRumors Staff asked 10 months ago

Since the battery is not removable, how long will it last?

Carlo Favetta replied 10 months ago

I was concerned about this as well so I asked Light if you could charge on the go (eg with an external battery pack such as a 10,000mAhr external battery).
I was told that, yes, you can charge the camera while using it. So if you’re going snap happy or whatever with your camera, and you’re camera’s internal battery is running low on juice, you can keep it going with an external battery.

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lightRumors Staff answered 10 months ago

In video interviews, Light has said the battery would last about 4 hours of continuous use and the battery in the grip would add another 4 hours.

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