Got update on when the rest of us (non-testing folk) will be able to get a L16 ?

QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsGot update on when the rest of us (non-testing folk) will be able to get a L16 ?
Colin d asked 11 months ago

Afternoon – 
Curious if anyone can shed some light, on getting a Light camera (sorry for the pun) but I put a 
deposit down about two months ago and have gotten ZERO updates – even a “hopeful” shipping 
frame of time, along the lines of “…shipping in early 2018 or late summer 2018”
Any thoughts? 
Thanks in advance / C 

3 Answers
rick f answered 11 months ago

i pre ordered mine oct 12 2015. i got my camera on october 24th 2017.  You have a while to wait there buddy. Youre two years behind everyone else who pre ordered

Don W answered 11 months ago

I have had my L16 for a bit over 48 hours, I waited 2 years 27 days to get it….I might add that the wait was well worth it. Yes, there are things that need to be changed, but I am quite confident that the issues will be addressed.

Jonathan L answered 11 months ago

Me too. I got mine Tuesday after more than two years. But now they are saying it might only be a few months until the more recent orders get filled. It was worth the wait. And I probably saved several thousand dollars because the waiting list saved me from buying a Sony Alpha. 

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