Install Well Placed Staircase Lightings for a Glowing Luxurious Interior

Even a well-designed interior can look dull if not supplemented with the right style and level of illumination provided by good lighting fixtures. Same is true for stairways. The lighting of stairways is not just important for enhanced brightness, but also to prevent any falls during the night hours. Staircase lighting dramatically improves the aesthetics of the entire house more so if the staircase is centrally located.

Many dynamics come into play when installing staircase lights as the cabling needs to be done in a continuous manner in the ducts that need to supply the lighting corresponding to the steps.

From classical chandeliers to modern pendants, Sofary has lighting fixture products to suit the aesthetics of every staircase. They create modern, high-quality, and functional pieces of lightings that will definitely accentuate the interiors of your house. They eliminate the middle men and directly connect with the manufacturers to bring affordable and sophisticated lights to your doorsteps.

Factors that determine the choice of stairway lightings

  1. Types of lighting fixture:
  • This is one important factor; you need to decide whether you want step lighting or recessed lighting.
  • You can choose to have pendant lighting for spiral staircase.

2. Color of the lighting fixture:

  • The next step is to go with classical warm white or yellow glow.
  • You also choose to give your staircase a colored ambience if it camouflages with the rest of the interior of the house.

3. Lighting placement:

  • Horizontal lighting at every step creates a beautiful runway appeal while creating a soft glow.
  • Vertical lighting is classic and provides better illumination especially needed at the centre of a spiral staircase.

4. Operation of the lights:

  • Battery operated lights are less expensive and can be placed anywhere without expert handling, but is not aesthetically appealing.
  • Hardwired operation needs a permanent installation of controlling switch but is generally a preferred choice for the indoors for its smooth finish.

Common types of staircase lighting

  • Accent lights works well at night in an otherwise naturally bright home. These can also be used to create focal light patterns giving the staircase a lively personality.
  • Statement lights include cascading and long-drop style swerving chandeliers. It is included to enhance the luxurious appeal of the home.
  • Glass pendants are best known for their versatility and brightness and are best placed over the ceiling of dimly lit staircase.
  • Antique style pendants blend well with rough, metallic, and industrial looking interiors.
  • Globe pendants suits well where you do not need direct light. These lighting fixtures give a diffused glow and beautiful wall patterns when lit.
  • Glass bulbs blends well with a studio style interior. You can give them twists by using strings and wires as the hanging cables.
  • Recessed lights work well when placed correctly to give a soft glow at night.
  • Wall lights inexpensive yet aesthetically appealing lights that can uplift the stairways even when you do not wish to overhaul the complete interiors.
  • Step lighting this is a beautiful way to accentuate the staircase and an elegant upgrade to the classic look.

Always get the stairway lighting installed from professionals who are experts in fixing the lights. You can be thus ensured that the cabling would be done effectively, safely, and with an amazing finish.

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