Do You Want to Visit Rome on a Budget? A Few Tips

Rome is one of the most of travelled destinations in the world and people from all corners of the world prefer to visit this historical city every year. In Rome, you can visit the beautiful historical buildings and at the same time enjoy modern art too.

You can make your trip to Rome a memorable experience by reading this article. Many people often prefer for bike tours in Rome to enjoy the city much more intimately.

When should you visit Rome?

Many people prefer to visit Rome during summer season, as children have their vacation and can enjoy their holidays in this beautiful city. You need to pack light summer clothes, as weather can be quite hot during this time.

Winters are also a suitable time to visit Rome, as you will not find snow or ice, but it can be windy and cold.

Spring and autumn season are also quite popular season for visiting Rome. However, if you plan to visit during Christmas, then make advance booking for accommodation and air tickets, as Vatican Square will be very crowded during this time.

Where you must eat?

While in Rome, you must take at least one of your meal from neighbourhood called “Trattoria”, which is a place where the restaurant owner himself is a chef. He will come out of his kitchen wearing his apron and take your order.

Here, you can enjoy best Italian dishes at a reasonable price.

Where you must stay?

If you are looking for any budget hotel then you can prefer to stay near the main train station known as Termini. However, beware about crimes as many people may feel bit uncomfortable to stay in such location.

The other alternate is to book in a convent, where you will be provided with clean rooms and also friendly service. Price of such place can be much lower than the hotel price. You can find the list of convents in any guidebook of Rome.

Here, you must be ready to make a payment in cash and must be ready to return back early.

Getting around

There is a small subway system available in Rome, from where you can visit different places of the city. If you want to visit all famous ancient places then they are located in close vicinity and you can easily walk down to each one of them.

Car rentals are also available but parking of car as well as driving can be a big problem in Rome particularly near sight-seeing places. However, if you want to tour to urban areas then car rental can be a good option.

Few attractions of Rome

Most people visit Rome to visit Vatican City and spend an entire day there. However, to tell you the truth, you must stay for few days to really do justice to your visit.

Same is also true for various ancient sites of Rome. Therefore, if you plan your trip at least for a week then you will be much happier than visiting the city only for 2 to 3 days. This is the reality which you will appreciate.

There are also few places of attraction that are near Rome as mentioned below:

  • Catacombs – For both Christians and non-Christians, it will be a fascinating place to visit.
  • Views of ancient viaducts – Many of you must have read about them in elementary history books.
  • Via del Corso – It is a great place for those who are interested in shopping.

While you are in Rome, you must keep a very close watch on all your valuables. You will find big crowds of tourists in almost all places, where it is easy to lose your belongings.

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