Know About the Driving Mistakes to Prevent Avoidable Vehicle Accidents

Driving can be fun and first-time drivers especially are excited by the new sense of freedom. They don’t have to rely on family/ friends to commute between places anymore. However driving comes with massive responsibility and though you have cracked your driving test with ease, you are still a novice and there are situations you haven’t experienced.

The real test is on the road with other drivers. New drivers are prone to making more mistakes while driving. Some may fail to apply the tips taught by their driving instructor. LTrent Driving School offers safe driving course to educate drivers who hold P1 license about the important of safe-driving. The course also deals with ways to handle complex situations that arise on road.

Common mistakes of new drivers:

The common mistakes are to be avoided. Some of them occur due to lack of awareness. Though they can be corrected easily, it could turn dangerous if not addressed at the earliest.

Distracted driving:

Anything that causes you to take your eyes off the road is considered a distraction. It could also be pets in the car, friends, pedestrians, an interesting object or even road signs. In the current age of technology, text messages, calls, music and food pose major distraction while driving. These distractions may cause you to not see the vehicle in front of you braking

Failing to maintain a safe distance:

New drivers find it difficult to learn their car dimensions the initial few months. Maintain a respectable between cars to avoid crashes. Exercise caution when making a turn too.

  • As per general rule there should be a distance of about 2 to 3 cars distance from the car in the front.
  • When driving in the city, see that the car in the front is approximately 15 meters away
  • When driving in bad weather, make sure the car in the front is approximately 20 meters away


The thrill of driving can cause new-drivers to neglect the speed-limit. It is easy to speed with modern cars and the ability to judge speed comes only with time for some. The temptation to speed can be strong but it could result in unfortunate consequences.

Driving tired:

This one is for the straight A-students, those who stayed out late at night, night-shift workers etc. It is natural to get tired but the fatigue goes beyond point, driving is dangerous. When you are tired, your reflexes go down and you are more at a risk of falling asleep. Combat tiredness by pulling over to the side and taking a short nap.

Adjustment mirrors:

All drivers have to ensure that their car’s adjustment mirrors are properly cleaned and adjusted. The mirrors let you know how far an approaching vehicle is. Failing to clean these mirrors will prevent you from noticing the cars trailing you which increase chances of collisions.

A little mistake while driving may result in grave consequences. Safety is top priority when driving. It is important to be aware of low-risk driving techniques.

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