What Is the Definition of Malicious Mischief?

In this small article, we shall try to define the term called “malicious mischief”. Any kind of mischievous or malicious physical injury caused either to a property or on the rights of others or any public and without taking permission of the owner.

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Following acts will always be considered as malicious mischief:

  1. Trying to damage any building or vessel by explosion
  2. Trying to burn timber, crops or grass
  3. Trying to alter or remove a light or signal for a vessel or railroad by exhibiting any kind of false light or signal
  4. Trying to injure, destroy, deface or remove maliciously any of the following:
  • Milestone
  • Guideboard
  • Post
  • Street marker
  • Private way
  • Bridge
  • Pier
  • Tree
  • Post
  • Rock

Also, any other monument to designate:

  • Property
  • Telegraph/telephone wire/cable
  • Appurtenances belonging to pipe for conducting water or gas
  • Appurtenances belonging to electric lines, posts, lamps
  • Appurtenances belonging to sewer/drain/pipe connected by fire hydrants, hose/appliances, danger and guideposts or fire extinguishers
  1. Trying to enter orchard, garden or improved cultivated/enclosed lands of any other person to willfully destroy, carry away/injure any trees, shrubs, vines, moss, flowers, turf, grain, hay, grass, fruit/vegetables.
  2. Trying to dig, take or carry away earth/soil/stone from land of any others
  3. Trying to place any structure on the land of any others
  4. Trying to break plate glass windows/doors of any others
  5. Trying to break deface or injure any religious house of worship
  6. Trying to connect any pipe, tube, wire or any other instrument with certain instrument used for fuel, conducting gas, water or electricity, in a manner by using electricity, gas, fuel or water without it passing through meter or any other instrument
  7. Trying to alter, injure or prevent the action of meter, stopcock, valve or any other instrument meant to measure gas quantity, electricity or water
  8. Trying to break, deface or cause breaking or defacing the seal on water meter
  9. Trying to apply brake or block any car standing at any railroad track
  10. Trying to take or carry any coal/other fuel from railroad car
  11. Trying to cut maliciously, let loose, destroy or injure any boat, raft, boat, watercraft floating mill or vessel of some other
  12. Willfully or deliberately destroying or carrying rails/boards/wood or any other lumber of other, or tearing down or removing any structure, destroy or remove any plumbing or electrical equipment
  13. Maliciously trying to destroy, injure/secrete any chattels, goods/valuable papers of any other
  14. Unnecessarily removing, cutting, injuring or destroying any shrub, tree, vine, moss/turf growing
  15. Trying to use automobile of any other person without his consent
  16. Trying to top, burn, cut, break down, injure/destroy, or interrupt/interfere with current, cables, lines, towers, poles, fixtures/appliances of telephone/telegraph company
  17. Trying to damage electric light or any power company engaged in providing communication, heat, light or electrical power line to injure, destroy, remove or interfere with gas, water/electrical fixtures/appliances.

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