Seven Must-do Activities When Touring Romania

If you are looking for a new place to visit in Europe, select Romania. There is more to see in Romania than just the Dracula. It is a wonderful country with a variety of tourist attractions to enjoy. So if you aren’t into gypsies and Dracula, you can indulge yourself in other ways. Romania is a suitable destination to visit and you will have immense fun no matter your personality. Whether you love delicious and warm food or digging into historic events, Romania is just perfect.

As you can have lots of fun there, make sure your trip is long enough to allow this to happen. Another important thing to mention is that Romanians are the most friendly and hospitable people you can ever meet. You will meet them everywhere and even if some speak Hungarian, Romanian and Germany, your favorite guide will translate every little conversation you have with them. Even though there is a lot of stuff to do in Romania, here are the most popular things you can decide to do:

  • Visit Brasov town

This is a metropolitan area in a famous region called Transylvania. While here you will be able to plan an excursion to the Bran Castle to see Dracula. Besides this, the town offers hiking trails and spectacular medieval streets. Moreover, you can taste all kinds of local and international cuisines.

  • Travel around the nation’s capital – Bucharest

There is no way you should leave Romania without learning a thing or two about its capital city. Bucharest is a world-famous destination that you want to familiarize yourself with. It contains historic attractions such as museums, ancient buildings with unique architectural designs, cemeteries, shopping malls, top-notch hotels and restaurants and more. The provider of your tours in Romania should be able to plan a suitable trip to help you explore the best spots during the day and at night.

  • Climb the Fagaras Mountains

Do you love hiking? If yes, there will be plenty of chances thrown your way when you arrive in Romania. One of the best trekking areas is the Fagaras Mountains. To hike this area, you will require a few days and this is why you need a relatively long trip. Your tour guide will select the best route based on your ability to indulge yourself physically. If you can really trek they will choose the longest route with continuous peaks, including the 3 highest peaks: Moldoveanu, Negoiu and Vista Mare.


  • Take a tour of Sibiu town

Sibiu is also a town in Transylvania. If you would like to know how life was in the medieval era, visit Sibiu when you come to Romania. Besides its medieval charms, Sibiu has magnificent landscapes, and parkland. It should be a top itinerary when visiting Romania.

  • Stopover at the Northern Dobrogea to see wild animals

In addition to different types of wild animals, you can see various bird species at the Northern Dobrogea area. Once you have had enough fun, walk around the town to explore other tourist attractions: restaurants, entertainment joints like theatres and more.


  • Tour the traditional villages at Baia Mare

The easiest way to meet the locals straight on and learn new things from them is to visit their villages. The villages themselves are in the valleys like Cosau, Iza, Viseu and Mara and your tour guide will help you navigate all of these.


  • Go see a popular delta in Europe

Do you know the second biggest and the best-conserved delta in Europe? It is called Danube Delta and is located in Romania. Covering more than 1,700 miles, this delta is inhabited by wild animals, birds and fish. So you will not only be viewing the delta but also doing fun activities such as hiking, fishing and bird watching.


There is a lot more you can do in Romania, obviously, but make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips to have a memorable trip.

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