Experience the Enchantment and Beauty of Bio Bay at Grand Cayman

Bioluminescence is an incredible natural phenomenon, which you can experience at the Grand Canyon. It is popular as Bio Bay, which is situated between the starfish point and Rum point. Plankton called ‘Pyrodinium Bahamense’ is the organism that emits light. It is due to chemical reaction from their bodies.

Before Hurricane Ivan hit the Grand Canyon, the water was very deep making it impossible for the plankton to survive. However, in 2004 the Hurricane Ivan changed the scenario. Now the conditions are ideal for microscopic plankton to survive.

Why book Bio boat tour?

The key reason to book the Cayman Bio boat tour is to see the illuminated underwater world. When you enter the Bio Bay, you will see the water that comes off the propeller is radiant. It is not light but your first experience of the microscopic plankton getting disturbed and releasing light.

On a no-moon night, the conditions are perfect to enjoy this glowing phenomenon from your boat comfortably. It is very much pronounced inside the water, in darkness. During the daylight, planktons glowing lights get blocked, so Bio Bay tours are planned when the moon is in its first, second or third quarter. You can schedule to go when it is time for the moon to rise.

How to enjoy the Bio Bay?

On the boat

Tourists can spend all day doing Stingray City excursions or enjoy the Starfish Point tours. In the evening watch sunset from a beach bar. Enjoy drinks and dinner with toes in the sand, as darkness sets in. As soon as it gets dark, the captain of the boat takes you on a calm and short cruise to the Bio Bay. Enjoy the star-light in the sky and the bioluminescent glow on the water, when it gets disturbed.

Enjoy snorkeling

On the Bio Bay tour, you can choose to go snorkeling. Make sure to tell the captain of the boat, so that they provide you the gear. When you go deep down underwater wearing mask and snorkel to explore, you get better visibility of the gorgeous marine animals and plants.

Go kayaking

If you wish to see water light below your kayak, then book a Bio Bay kayaking tour. At Cayman Island, kayaking in the Bio Bay is a mystic experience. Guided by a glowy kayak, you will paddle your way and rest as you see water illuminate in front of your eyes.

For memorable experience at Bio Bay

  • Plan a trip on the new moon or crescent night.
  • Bring along herbal bug spray to avoid discomfort from bug bites.
  • Wear long sleeves clothes and pants to protect skin as well as keep yourself warm when the sun goes down.
  • Use a tripod to capture the bioluminescence images in your camera. Take long exposure shots, so that millions on glows that make the illumination possibly gets captured.

At Grand Cayman, you can experience several wonders besides the Bioluminescent Bay. Therefore, book a charter today and create lifetime memories!

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