Tips For Clicking Amazing Horse Photographs

Photography is not a very easy profession as one has to have a good eye about precision and zooming. A photographer can spend many days only for clicking good photos. It is difficult to take horse photographs as they have different moods which you might not understand. They might either hit you or they might be sober or gentle as well.

Horses are the creatures that have a completely different level of strength and agility which makes them different from all the other animals. If you are interested in taking beautiful horse pictures, then you can follow the below mentioned tips and become a pro at taking the pictures.

  • Proper Lighting

Lighting is a very important factor when it comes to taking any kind of photos, whether indoor or outdoor. The best photos are either taken in early morning after sunrise or at the time when the sun is above horizon. If the photoshoot is in the middle of the day try to take a position where sun is behind you and directed at the horse.

  • Time the photo correctly to capture quick movements

Timing is a great necessity if you want to capture horse mid-air over the jump. A correctly timed photo can give you some of the best shots. It is a bit difficult to do so but with continuous practice, it becomes really easy.

The beginners can use sports mode for continuous shooting. It is good to buy a memory card which takes quick images and has a fast processing speed.

  • Do not frighten the horse

Do not distract horse and rider while they are in competition. Do not go very close to the rail and step back slowly when the horse passes by. Do not run, always walk. If you are taking the photo in a sitting position, stand well slowly before the horse reaches you.

If you frighten a horse, it might attack you or give a shot you do not want.

  • Choose camera with optical zoom

If you want to take good horse photos, it is important to have a good camera. Most of the people, take photos from the smartphones but those photos are not very print worthy. It is good to use a camera which has exchangeable lenses. The brands which can be chosen are Canon, Nikon or Sony.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, some other pieces of advice which can be used for taking professional horse photos are:

  • Practicing smart photography
  • Learn editing in order to get professional quality photos
  • Composition of Photograph is really important
  • Keep an eye for the small details
  • Have patience and take time to click pictures


The horses can give you really good photos if you make them comfortable and take photos when you feel that they are ready for it. The flair, energy and beauty of the horses are unmatched. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and start clicking the horse pictures today so as to understand the beauty of wildlife photography.

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