Few Important Terms and Abbreviation Used by Escorts

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However, while communicating with the escorts, it is essential for you to know about various terms and abbreviations used in this trade in their advertisement so that it will be easy for you to understand and communicate with them.

In this post, we shall provide you few of the very commonly used terms that you need to know to have preliminary discussion. You can also visit few websites to have a full dictionary about all the abbreviations and terms used by the escorts.

  • 411

This term means the information and intelligence. Often you can find in the ad for the escorts where 411 about the escorts are described.

  • 69 position

This is a sex position where each sexual partner is indulged in oral sex of each other simultaneously.

  • $

This term is used for defining the price, $ may mean $100, $$ may mean $200 and so on.

  • ABC

This describes about escorts as American-born Chinese sometimes also called as banana which means yellow from outside but white from inside.

  • AC/DC

This means bisexual.

  • AO

This means that escort is meant for Asian clients only.

  • ATM

It is the short form for ass to mouth, where figure, penis or toy will come out from anus and go to mouth.

  • babyback

it is an attractive Asian girl who is petite and young too.

  • bag

This refers to condom.

  • BBW

This means big, beautiful woman for client who prefer obese or overweight women.

  • brown shower

This is defecation on the other partner.

  • butter face

This describes about women with very attractive body however face may not be so attractive.

  • cash and dash

Here clients will be totally ripped off. The escort will simply take your money and will not provide any service but may dance for you and leave with your cash.

  • CD

This is cross dresser when a person may dress like opposite sex and also behave like one to provide sexual gratification.

  • CFS

This means covered full service including sexual intercourse by using condom.

  • coitus

It is typical sexual intercourse where male penis will enter into female vagina.

  • Cowgirl

This is sexual intercourse position where girl will be on the top of man.

  • DDE

It means the escort does not do extra and adhered to what was agreed.

  • facial

Here man will ejaculate on the woman’s face.

  • FMF

It is a short form of having 3-some with female, male and female.

  • gentleman only

It is only meant for either businessmen or professional to screen out the client.

  • Greek

It means penetration by penis in the anus.

  • HJ or Handjob

This refers to masturbation.

  • LTR

This is meant for long term relationship when the escorts will leave the business and be with the client for substantial amount of charges.

  • MFM

3-some position sex with one female and two males.

  • Missionary

Sexual position where man on top of woman.

  • ONS

It refers to one-night stand.

  • Punk

Term used for male prostitute.

  • WF

Wild fucking

These are only few of the common terms used, but there are many other terms that exist.

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