When Should You Replace Your Transmission System?

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The transmission system of your car is one of the most important parts of your vehicle and must be in proper condition to make sure that your car runs very well. As the transmission starts failing, it may affect the lifespan of your vehicle and will make it very difficult to run on the road.

Though transmission system can be repaired but there are few signs that show that it needs replacement.

1. Unusual sounds

When the transmission fails, it produces odd type of sounds. Some of the typical sounds are as follows:

  • Grinding noise

It indicates worn out clutch or gears may have damaged particularly when you change your gears while driving.

  • Humming and buzzing sound

When transmission starts malfunctioning this sound can occur and your car shimmies as it shifts into new gear.

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2. Odd smells

When it starts emitting bad smell something like burning smell while your car is running then transmission needs attention immediately or it can also indicate that the transmission fluid needs change.

If the transmission parts are not properly lubricated, then too it may emit bad smell which means that you need to rebuild your transmission.

3. Delay in movement

If the car fails to move or stall after shifting into certain gears, then there is some issue with the transmission.

If your car hesitates to run after changing gear or in case you try to increase the speed then perhaps your clutch is worn out.

Sometimes the gears may tend to switch automatically which is also an indication that your transmission is perhaps slipping.

4. Fluid leaks

Often people think that fluid leaking from car is normal but it indicates problem in transmission and needs immediate attention. Usually transmissions are perfectly sealed when they are built.

If you notice oil is leaking then place a cardboard piece underneath the car for 24 hours. If fluid that is leaking is dark red or brown then it is sign that there is some serious problem in transmission.

5. Warning light

If your transmission is malfunctioning then your car may warn you by turning on the warning light, which indicates that there is a certain problem got developed.

Get your transmission and also surrounding parts properly inspected immediately if your warning light is ever lit to avoid further complications which may develop while car is running.

Replacing vs. repairing of the transmission

If the transmissions are not working properly then certain quick-fix can be done to make it into operation however they may not be too long lasting. You can also rebuild it but the process takes pretty long time.

On the other hand, replacing the transmission system can be done easily but it can be little expensive too.

Maintaining the transmission

It is essential to change transmission fluid after every 30,000 – 60,000 miles in case of manual transmissions and for every 15,000 miles if the vehicle has undergone significant stress.

Automatic transmissions on the other hand will need oil change after every 30,000 miles. Also, transmission fluid gasket and filter should be inspected during oil changing to ensure that your vehicle continues to work properly for many years.

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