Common FAQs About Choosing Right Stereo Receivers

Today, basically everyone adores a car stereo with great sounds and features. It is a fact that aftermarket products offer better sound controls and powerful amplifiers than the factory manufactured stereos. Therefore, many car owners consider to invest in a new receiver with the latest technology.

Types of car stereos

  • CD receivers – Of course, it plays CD but many models feature USB inputs, an aux, and a radio tuner. It is available in two sizes – 2” and 4”.
  • DVD receivers – You can play both DVD and CD but there is a touchscreen display, where you get to watch videos. Moreover, features like smartphone integration, album art display and touchscreen audio adjustments can be enjoyed. 
  • Digital media receivers – This is an option for those, who prefer listening to music from smartphones, digital music player or streaming services. 
  • Navigation receivers – For drivers who travel a lot will find DVD receiver feature along with in-built navigation, so they don’t need to depend on their smartphone.

Will new stereo system synch with current factory options?

Your car can have factory installation options like Bluetooth, navigation or satellite radio but at times proprietary protocols are used. These are not compatible with aftermarket car stereo system, so may not synch. Just test your factory speakers by turning on the new radio, check the level of volume where the factory speakers will start distorting. To avoid the radio cranking never go above that volume level.

However, for best sound, you can add aftermarket stereo receivers. With new receiver you can enjoy the rich and big sound it has to offer. Checkout with the car audio professionals and get the right option after comparing the features and rates of different stereos.

It is even wise to have them install the car receivers, so that you can enjoy the sound quality and other features right from the start. Improper installation can dampen the performance of the stereo system.

How much power is necessary to gain optimum performance from the speakers?

Every car stereo differs, so there is no golden rule. You just need to stay within recommended power range. However, if you increase the systems power range then it adds depth and richness to the melodies. You can say better tone, great harmonic details and as well as more volume.

Some things to consider before upgrading power of the speakers

  • Your existing speakers’ efficiency

Speakers directly influence the overall system power. For powering in-dash receiver choose sensitive speakers with 90 dB or more to enjoy great sound. For installation of high-performance speakers go for an outboard amp, so as to get maximum performance.

  • Do you plan to add subwoofers?

Subwoofers need more power to reproduce lowest tones, therefore it is necessary to pair them with outboard amplifier.

  • What is the status of current wiring?

A single link in the sound system components can reduce sound quality, so never choose substandard speaker wire or power cable.

  • How you use the vehicle?

Windows up means less power is needed, when you go off road driving in pickup vehicles.

Therefore, before buying even think about the road/car noise, noise damping material, speaker location as well as personal preference. All this will impact the power you will need during a ride.

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