Why Outboard Motors Are Preferred in Boats?

Boats usually feature 3 types of motors which are inboard motors, outboard motors and inboard/outboard motors. Outboard motor is a general-purpose motor which is bolted to   stern of bolt, putting the whole engine outside the boat.

You may also consider Yamaha outboard motors which is one most popular brand among the all the other outboard motor business.

There are several benefits of outboard motors over their cousins inboard and also inboard/outboard motors.

  • Dedicated design

Originally inboard or inboard/outboard motors are designed for using in cars and now adapted for boats. However, outboard motor is specifically designed for only boating.

Due to this dedicated design, it makes outboard motors efficient and reliable.

  • Size and space

Out of 3 options, outboard board motors will be the lightest though this motor may appear bulky, which is in outside of the boat, and thus offering the vessel more spacious interior.

Particularly for smaller boats such motors are popular because outboard design will not take much of interior space.

  • Low speeds

Another benefit of outboard motor is while handling at lower speeds. You can turn outboard boats effectively with/without power, that makes low-speed docking and maneuvering easy.

  • Handling

Steering of an outboard boat will mean turning the total engine, either with steering wheel or directly. As all propulsion of the boat is going in desired direction, so outboard boats will be quite easy to handle.

You will realize this benefit while trying to steer boat in reverse direction. Outboard boats can handle much better while going backward than any inboard or inboard/outboard boats.

  • Engine lift

Another biggest benefit of outboard design is the entire motor may be lifted from the water while not in usage. This will allow the owner of the boat keeping sensitive parts, like propeller, in proper working order as it will not constantly remain immersed in water.

  • Acceleration

While boat is in the motion, the movement of hull through the water will create a current. In case, the propeller will be located in the turbulent water that is created by the current, fuel efficiency and acceleration will be reduced.

Many of the outboard motor designs however, place the propeller further back, outside the turbulence of the boat. This will provide improved acceleration as well as better fuel efficiency.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance becomes easier as you can lift complete engine out of water. It is possible for operators to access motor and whole system from inside the boat. Engines of inboard and inboard/outboard will be much difficult to reach.

  • Engine housing

The outboard motors will come with factory made engine housing. This will provide a safe space where all the sensitive mechanical and electronic components can be protected from water damage.

  • Portability

Smaller outboard motors are easily detached and also moved from one boat to other boat or can be put in storage. For other kinds of motors this is not possible.

  • Cost

Among all propulsion option, outboard motors will be the cheapest which means that the boats having outboard motors will be more affordable and cheaper to replace.

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