What Is the Best Time to Visit Fort Lauderdale?

Any time is the best time to visit Fort Lauderdale for someone who loves the sultry, tropical climes. However, if you want to go by the trend, the most suitable month to visit is from November to May. The months through December to April being the most sought after. Apart from frolicking, budget-conscious youngsters, even the luxury-seeking posh clientele, are well taken care of.

During 1970s to 1980s, boisterous nightlife scene at Fort Lauderdale attracted students from throughout the country. It was the favourite haunt for them for their “spring break”. However, things have changed for the better. The local people and their council have made it possible to embrace all kinds of travellers and tourist.


Humidity and temperature make the months from March to May, warm and relatively sunny. Temperatures are relatively milder than summer, keeping between 87.4 °F to 79.3 °F. By the end of May, the temperature picks up and officially summer starts.

Tourists are less, as this is a slow season. If you are looking for budget deals, this is one of the seasons, you should be visiting here. You have the Las Olas Art Fair, Tortuga Music Festival and Fort Lauderdale Air Show, to keep you busy.


 Months from June to August, is characterised by high temperatures and severe thunderstorms. However, the sun is quick to return with its golden heat. This is the second busiest season, and the cost is pretty high, for lodging and accommodation.

These are the most beautiful beach days. The favourite activities are snorkelling, deep sea fishing, paddle boating and jet skiing. Also, you can round it off with, Stonewall Pride Parade in June and Hollywood Beach Latin Festival in August.


 Months from September to November are generally, warm. You can expect a few left-out summer storms, during September. It is a relaxed, lazy period of the year. These months will provide you, with a mellowed down and calm weekend getaway. Temperatures vary between 32.1 °F to 26.5 °F.

It is a rejuvenation period with a lazy stroll around Dania Beach Fishing Pier and Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk. And, it makes a good Halloween experience at Wilton Manors. Being the slowest tourist season, you can get budget lodging and accommodation.


 Months from December through February, is the busiest of all other months. When you get frustrated due to cold weather, Fort Lauderdale’s mild and sunny weather, will be a relief. The temperatures are comfortable being between 27.4°F to 24.7°F.

You can enjoy a sunny Christmas on Las Olas. And, relax at the local spas. Apart from enjoying the sun, the sand and the surf, you have the Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade.


 No matter whichever season you decide to visit, this “Venice of America”, will charm you indefinitely. The sparkling canal routes and the pristine beaches are sure to gift you with pleasant memories. Also, the nightlife is one of the best in the country.

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