Three Tips on Navigating the Airport

Getting to the airport can sometimes be a hassle and is something that can change without notice on many occasions. There are many things to consider when you are attempting to take a trip to the airport, and getting to your plane on time is only one of them. Navigating the airport can be difficult, but some handy information can help you avoid some of the traps individuals commonly find themselves in and make your trip to the airport a pleasant one. Here are three tips on navigating the airport.

First and foremost, you will be concerned with your arrival to the airport. You have a few options for how you will arrive at the airport. You can always contact a family member or friend who you trust and attempt to get them to do you a favor by taking you to the airport or you can seek alternative options such as an airport shuttle or ride-share services. Make sure that you check in for your flight as early as twenty four hours prior to boarding and double check what time you need to be at the airport in order to make your flight. By leaving nothing to chance, your arrival at the airport will go very smoothly.

After arriving at the airport, you will then need to determine what your next step will be. If you have driven yourself, you will then need to be concerned with the parking at the airport and what it entails. If you have gotten a ride with a family member, friend or utilized a ride-share service, know what terminal you are needing to depart from and be ready with that information for whomever is giving you the ride. The airport parking lot in SeaTac, LAX, O’Hare, and airports all over the world, will often be a large distance away from your terminal and require you to pay nominal fees as well. Make sure that you are aware of the airport parking in SeaTac, LAX, LaGuardia or wherever you may be flying out of in order to best prepare yourself for your flight.

Once you have arrived at the airport and exited your ride or parked your car, you will then proceed to the check-in and security area. In today’s world, we are required to remove our belts, shoes, and virtually everything out of our pockets and purses before getting on a plane. By preparing ahead of time and removing your shoes, belt and any other necessary items, you can walk directly up to the line and move forward as quickly as possible. Once you have gotten through security, you are then headed for your gate and ready to board your flight. Be aware of what boarding group you are in and then make sure you line up accordingly, as knowing common procedures will make the flight much quicker and easier for everyone.

These tips on navigating the airport should help you survive no matter what airport you are in. Whether you are utilizing the airport parking in SeaTac, using a ride-share service to get to LAX, or are waiting in security at O’Hare International, know how to navigate the airport and what will be expected of you. Understanding the rules and regulations will allow your flight to go much more smoothly and be a much more pleasant experience.

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