Last week I published some Light L16 Night Shots (post) and I thought I'd update you on additional testing.

I did similar shots on a tripod as well as some star photos.

The large sizes are on our lightRumors Light L16 flickr group


using a tripod allows longer shutter speeds and much lower ISOs so there isn't as much noise. But that also limits your portability of course. The earlier shots were all handheld and had more noise and less sharpness.

As with most cameras, focusing at night can be a challenge and there's no manual focus option currently. Yes, I've reported my findings to Light.

Especially frustrating was trying to get focus on pure star shots. There isn't a way to set focus manually or to infinity at this point (tho I sure suggested it). I used the moon as a focus point and then moved the camera to capture the star shots.


(cover photo credit: snap from me)


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