Light L16 Review time! Today's the day many publications that have had their hands on the Light L16 camera will be publishing reviews.

RETURN OFTEN as I'll update this post as I find new reviews. I'll be publishing a lightRumors review later.

WSJ Light L16 Review:

First out of the blocks appears to be the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) – they've published 8 selected images (note it is behind the Wall Street Journal's paywall). I respect their copyrights and won't publish the images here. But you can see a small segment of one of the images in the featured image. Here's the small snippet of text with the image gallery:

Personal Tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler took more than 2,000 shots with Light’s slim 16-lens L16 camera. Here’s a selection of his best photos.

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This Crazy Camera Is the Future of Photography The L16 fits in your back pocket, yet packs 16 lenses and sensors to capture a single holy-guacamole shot

This 16-Lens Camera Is a Threat to DSLRs (video below)

(cover photo credit: (a segment of the image) Geoffrey A. Fowler/The Wall Street Journal)


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