The Light L16 Night Shots… How well does the Light L16 do low light? Is 10pm a good enough time to test this?

Last night, I received a new firmware version that touted updates to the low light capabilities so I grabbed the camera and walked outside and shot a couple of images of things I'd shot before (and been disappointed in so I didn't share them). And I can testify the latest software is MUCH better than the previous one.

And that's the amazing thing if you stop and think about it… I've had the camera about a month, and I've received 4 firmware updates (granted they won't all be that frequent in the future), and the low light capabilities have changed dramatically in a month! I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Is there noise? Yes. Is it horrible? I don't think so (I would have said the previous firmware version was unusable). I didn't take iPhone shots at the same time (nor the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV) but I wouldn't have a problem displaying these images on the web. Obviously, there's more noise than anyone probably wants, but I believe when they say it will better.

I'll note that image #3 was shot with the Light L16 resting on a neighbor's trash can – and the camera seems to have recognized (i haven't confirmed this with Light but it makes sense) that it wasn't moving (it does have an accelerometer after all) and adjusted the settings so that the shutter was open longer but also (and more importantly) the ISO was set to 1525 instead of all the others which were hand held and had ISO 0f 3050.

Full sized images are over on the lightRumors Light L16 Flickr group (because frankly it handles the huge files better than our server would)… but small images are visible here. So please visit the flickr group if you want to pixel peep for noise.


(cover photo credit: photo via my Light L16)


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