While we wait for our “Golden Tickets” to L16 bliss (Light has said they hope to have units out to all pre-order customers by year's end, and the majority by the end of November), Light has released a new photoblog taken from the mean streets of New York Fashion Week.

There seems to be quite a bit see here.

From flowery imagery that gets a little hairy:

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And some bling rings:

To some subtle fashion forward clothing:

Light L16 at fashion week
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The glitzy:

Light L16 at fashion week
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Folks who are extremely busy (as are their clothes):

Light L16 at fashion week
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And those who love some [over?]exposure, whilst remaining conservatively traditional:


Light L16 at fashion week
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Something for everyone who loves fashion, here… Courtesy of the L16.

But, we're here to talk more about the camera and less about the fashion. Some initial impressions from the peanut gallery: As always, we'd love to see the “full resolution” original images of some or all of these. It would be lovely if Light would occasionally *link* to the full-res originals (so as to save the bandwidth of those who only need to see the ~6MP versions of the blogs), so we can take a look at the highest resolution versions for grain, color quality, fine detail, etc.

There seems to be plenty of detail in hair, skin, fabric textures.

As noted in other images, there seems to also be plenty of grain in the fine details when peeping pixels. whether or not that will eventually smooth out with algorithmic improvements, or whether it is endemic to the low-cost sensors, remains to be seen.

Quite a few of the images seem to have the sky / highlights blown, whether intentionally/artistically (as in the image of the two ladies with with high fashion headscarves), or simply as a factor of the sensors used.

We can also notice a tiny bit of chromatic aberration here and there, as in the image with the colorful neckerchief, and the tunnel or building with the doorway in the background (there seems to be a tiny bit of cyan chromatic aberration around the fringe of the doorway and the railing).

Likewise around the curled up papers the gentleman with the black neckerchief and skull fastener is holding (a slight purple fringing).

Overall, the images look quite good (albeit at less-than-full-resolution). But, there are clearly still a few areas that could be cleaned up, and possibly some indicators that the dynamic range might not be quite as high as a true DSLR, which may simply mean adjusting one's shooting habits to preserve highlights (adjusting down a stop or two if necessary / possible in some situations), and/or hoping that Light turns on the hinted-at sHDR (which takes simultaneous HDR exposures, as opposed to taking consecutive shots that may introduce motion artifacts), which may save the highlights of some images or enable some additional artistic effects.

What do you think about those

(cover photo credit: snap from the Light post)

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