Earlier, I shared some Light L16 sample images from my morning walk (see “Light L16 Sample Images From My Walk 2017-09-12“) and I thought I'd follow that up with some new photos!

I'll post the same disclaimer:

The post is designed to show you “every day use” and what comes out of the camera. That's what everyone was asking for. If I were presenting the best images, I would have obviously picked others as I don't think these are the best of the best… but it represents what I consider “every day shooting.”

This time, I thought I would also do an analysis video (and yes, it is over 30 minutes – but I remind you that there's the option to watch every youtube video at 1.5x or 2x). It is also in 4k if you've got the monitor to see details!

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It feels like it is important to give some context to some of the Light L16 sample images so you understand more about what I was shooting and where – especially when it comes to the images that might not be as perfect as one might expect — and I'll also note that I'm very much a ‘side by side' guy and I wish I had my DSLR along to see exactly what the differences might have been. But I was just out for a walk and wasn't intending to turn it into a comparison post.


If you want to see the photos on Flickr (remembering some of them are huge), visit the lightRumors Light L16 flickr group


(cover photo credit: Light L16 sample image from my walk)


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