So what about the Light L16 Depth of Field adjustment? How well does it work?

Many of the photos we've seen so far from Light have been scenics where the depth of field wasn't too important… and many photos I've shared have been straight out of the camera.

So I had a quick opportunity to shoot a few photos at a local parade and I asked a friend if it was ok to grab a quick portrait.

Note that the original image (the f/15 one on the left) has some background blur. I had originally thought that most things would be in focus thru the entire distance from front to back, but in learning and talking with Light, it became obvious that I was mistaken. F15 doesn't mean everything is in focus for most lenses. Especially when you're focal point is near the camera (like the sample).

Also note that I didn't do any depth of field edits within Lumen. There's a slight clipping of the gentleman's hair but I don't think it is noticeable to anyone unless they're pixel peeping. And I didn't check on the edge that is showing up on the tail of the mini-van in the background. I tested (after processing the image in Lumen at f4 and moving it to Lightroom) using the ‘refine edge' tool and that section of the car was fixed.

By the way, when you get your Light L16, you won't have time to shoot photos if you're around a crowd. When at the parade, within about 2 minutes, someone asked “what the heck is that?” and I spent the next 30 minutes talking to folks about it. Got very few parade shots! LOL! The shot above was taken long after the parade was over and the crowd died down.

Light L16 Depth of Field sample

Here's a Light L16 Depth of Field Animation from Lumen

Light L16 depth of field animation

Note the pixelation in the .gif is due to the gif conversion – it isn't part of the image!

And please don't forget, variable depth of field will improve in the Light L16 and Lumen in the near future… something approaching f/2 is in the plans!

(cover photo credit: Light L16 snap from me)


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