Light just announced a new partnership with Utomic to bring the Light L16 bumper case!

Michael Gmirkin found the screen protector as we thought it was going to be a front screen cover, but it is part of the entire bumper case but doesn't cover the front but protects the back.

We also spotted a prototype of this?

The Light L16 bumper case bundle (bumper and rear glass) will be $59 from Utomic and they note that:

*Bundle contains ONE Utomic BUMPER + ONE Utomic GLASS for the Light L16
**GLASS will ship immediately.  BUMPER will ship by the end of September 2017.

Here's a bit of the post from Light (visit them for the whole post).

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Utomic to provide photographers with a radical new shock-resistant safeguard for the Light L16 camera.For years, Utomic has equipped the masses with its advanced device-protection system that shields smartphones from scratches, dents, and the impact of everyday drops. Utomic’s unique combination of probabilistic design and dynamic protection guards against the highest possibility of damage by absorbing and redistributing energy during impact.

In partnership with the experienced engineers behind Utomic’s indestructible FlexCoreTM technology, we developed two new L16-specific accessories: Utomic BUMPER and Utomic GLASS.
Light L16 bumper case from Utomic

Light L16 bumper case from Utomic

There's a lot more info on the blog: Light and Utomic Join Forces to Bring You the Ultimate L16 Protection


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