Everyone is very curious about my experience with the Light L16 and I can appreciate that. I was very curious as well and after having the camera for 5 days, my quick answer about my experience is that it is fun learning my way around a new camera.

The post is designed to show you “every day use” and what comes out of the camera. That's what everyone was asking for. I realize some are over exposed (the camera tends to do that) and some are not 100% in focus (like the iPhone, you touch to focus, but your hand could move on macro shots and miss focus too). If I were presenting the best images, I would have obviously picked others as I don't think these are the best of the best… but it represents what I consider “every day shooting.”

No, it isn't the perfect camera (hint no camera is!).

It does create some amazing images for a device this small.

It is a first generation device and it needs improvements and everyone at Light would tell you the same thing. And I know they're striving every day to make it better.

I mentioned this in the video below, but I feel it is worth mentioning again (and you'll probably hear it again someday). There's a break-in period with any new camera and there is with this one as well. You have to learn what works and what doesn't. You didn't just pick up your smartphone and shoot the best photo ever. I remember my first bunches of iPhone photos stunk. But I've learned how to use it. Just like you will with the Light L16. You didn't just start making great photos with your DSLR either (assuming you own one). You had to learn how it worked and how to adjust it when things didn't turn out the way you thought they should. Same with the Light L16.

That's why I'm not blurting out my feelings right away.

Now, I did record a video this morning as I was taking my walk and shooting with the Light L16 – it was a Facebook live — which is here:

I promised to post photos so they are in the gallery above!

NOTE: They are straight out of the camera – I did not do any editing (tho I would have liked to as some are over exposed or I would tone down the whites etc).

I posted them straight as I know people want to see what comes out of the camera.

They are not my favorites nor would I consider them my best work, but they're typical of what you might get when walking around.


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