One of the first things that people say when they see the camera is ‘oh that's weird' either when they just first see it or when they see the mirrors/lenses move when it focuses. So I thought I'd share that with you as one of my first ‘Light L16 hands-on' videos. This one will focus on the movement of the mirrors as the camera focuses.

It is very interesting that the camera mirrors seem to always go back to a fixed position after touching the focus – even if you don't immediately shoot an image. Which I believe means that there's a slight lag as the camera moves the mirrors again when the shutter is pressed.

I am going to Light HQ this week and will be asking more about the details on how this is actually functioning. Keep an eye on lightRumors for updates and interviews!

Note: at 2:11 I mention that the 28mm lenses move in and out – but I'm pretty sure that's just plain wrong. I thought I saw movement but I believe they're fixed in place. There isn't a need for them to move.

Note: The first bit of me talking is not in 4k, but the lens movement section is indeed in 4k.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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