Hey y'all… here's the Light L16 Unboxing!

I have a few very busy days and I am testing the Light L16 I received late Thursday. Photos and some thoughts will be coming soon.

I was able to run thru not only the unboxing, but first power up and install of the firmware updates (lesson: ALWAYS re-boot the Light L16 immediately after installing the updated firmware). I was also able to take a photo and to get it uploaded to my iMac and into the Lumen software. All of that is in the recording.

Please understand that since it was my first trip thru the whole process, I had never done this process before and therefore it was much like what some others will experience. Hopefully you can learn from my fumbling and be prepared when your Light L16 comes! If my fumbling helps some then it was worth it LOL.

Here's the recording (which I edited a good bit to remove some of the confusion (and bits where I looked the fool – tho many of those embarrassing moments are still there LOL))

I didn't realize that the resolution would be so bad, but I have also merged in some of the higher resolution footage from my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

The first live Light L16 unboxing — and please don't think it is just a boring unboxing (tho it is lengthy and I fumbled around a good bit), because I went thru the entire workflow from opening the box to updating the software to taking a photo and lastly moving the photos to the computer and using Lumen to process them.


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