A First Look At The L16 Camera—From The People Who Built It


  • Still working on software – and will continue to do so
  • small every day camera
  • they love the dynamic range – and it isn't fully fleshed out yet
  • motion doesn't capture well yet (as I suspected – not for sports yet)
  • burst mode coming soon
  • still improving low light performance
  • social sharing is clunky still

Here's a snippet from the post – there's more!

It has been 47 days since we started shipping the L16 to pre-order customers. A lot has happened in that time. We received tons of valuable feedback. And we learned things. We also broke things. We fixed them. We sent dozens of over-the-air updates. We introduced new features. We continued to ramp up production in China (though it took a lot longer than we anticipated). And we’ve started steadily fulfilling orders on a daily basis. We’ve been busy bringing this brand-new technology to market.

Here’s where we stand: It has taken years to build this groundbreaking camera, and we finally have the first-generation product—the 1.0—to show the world. But we are not finished.

There are lots of things we love about it, and there are many things we already know we will need to improve. Some of those fixes we’ve already begun to make; others are in the pipeline. We want to be honest with you about what we think of the product we’ve built, so we took it upon ourselves—and our resident photographers—to write a candid review of the L16 today.

As more and more cameras get to our pre-order customers, we invite them to help us expand on this review and show us how we can make the L16 even better.

Please see the whole post




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