Light has updated the Light L16 Gallery on their site – adding some of their newer images that had previously only been on instagram, and removed some of the older images that were processed with earlier versions of the software.

Which is good because I was getting tired of the complaints about the old images LOL.

Not a whole lot to see, but I do appreciate that they've added exposure, shutter speed, and ISO information (at least I don't recall it being there before!).

Light L16 Gallery update

Unfortunately, the images are all relatively small (even tho they appear full screen when viewing in the gallery) – most are 1980px at their widest (or tallest). And being that small there's not a lot to go diving into in analyzing the images like I did with the Banff images.

And maybe I should have downloaded every image they've ever shared so I would know, but I don't remember seeing this one anywhere before:

Anyway, not a major update but I did want to let you know that they've made the update.


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