Ok, true confession… I am way behind!

Over the weekend I created a couple of videos about the latest images from the Light L16 shared by Light – including the one above about the images from Banff. So I present this Light L16 Image Review.

We get to finally see a couple of images with low-light – and of course we want to know how well they hold up right?

I think the best image in the batch is the one of the mountains and the boats but the last image I talk about (the mountains and the sunset) is probably the most dramatic (and bonus it is a good Light L16 low light image).

I'm curious to know what you think. Am I just an overzealous fan boy or are these images as good as I think? Granted they aren't “perfect”.

Of course, we need to have our hands on a Light L16 and be able to shoot side by side with a DSLR… but until then, this is the best we've got.



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