The first Light L16 drone flight appears to have happened!

Two images have appeared in social media showing an Light L16 flying on a drone near AT&T Park in San Francisco.

李菡挺 was the first to post this image to the lightRumors facebook group from Bradley Lautenbach's Instagram Story (Note: Bradley is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Design at Light).

Light L16 drone flight images:

Light L16 drone flight

And then Jeff Ong posted this on his instagram:

Light L16 spotted on the drone #L16 #Light #lightl16camera #lightL16 @light

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My speculation is that this was for some promotional materials of some kind – or maybe testing of the Light L16's video capabilities?

It appears to me that the frame holding the camera was maybe custom created in a 3D printer as well.

What do you think?


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