The Light L16 depth maps are an integral reason why the Light L16 camera is going to revolutionize the world of photography (and why they are #1 in the “Top 10 Reasons the Light L16 is going to change photography forever” ebook you can get for free if you join lightrumors).

Before running off on a short vacation (without an L16 sadly), I put together a video to show a little more about why depth maps matter. It is especially nice to have an actual depth map image to show the world as well.

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Light L16 Depth Maps

Here's a copy of the depth map image shared by Light

Light L16 depth maps
Light L16 depth maps

And as you saw in the video, the depth maps will allow a lot of functionality to be added to software both by Light and if they allow, by other software developers.

If you want to see more information provided by Light, visit their pages “The Technology Behind the Light L16” which is where I found the Light L16 depth map image above.

And maybe (hopefully?) companies like Adobe will add functionality to LightRoom or PhotoShop where the Light RAW images will be able to be processed natively — but that's probably a long way off and Light will need to sell a lot of cameras to make it appealing for developers to add functionality.



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