Look – a Light L16 Bumper Case was found in the wild!

In my search for new Light L16 images, I spotted this image on instagram of an Light L16 bumper case – something I don't think we've ever seen before.

UPDATE: The user replied to my question on instagram with this:


So it seems Light has just created 2 bumpers to test. SCOOP!


Light L16 bumper case spotted in the wild

And he also posted this image with the camera and the Light L16 bumper case on the camera…

Light L16 bumper case spotted in the wild
The bumper case shown on the L16

And, I think it would be perfect with the other new Light L16 accessory Michael spotted the other day… the Light L16 Front Glass from Utomic

I can't wait to see what other Light L16 accessories are planned! What would you want to see?


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