Light has recently updated the Light L16 Tech Spec page with some additional info but also some notes of some items “coming soon” which may disappoint some who pre-ordered.

With Light L16 shipping as of today (and note, they've continually said they're going to be ramping up production and shipping so I don't expect great numbers to come out on the first shipping date), things are falling into place as promised. One item they said they'd do was to update the Tech Specs page and they have.

Also – please read the Light spokesperson's comment at the bottom about why they've chosen to delay some features!

Note that lightRumors member Michael Gmirkin alerted everyone to the changes in the facebook group.

Good additions to the Light L16 tech spec

Lesson learned… grab a copy of the tech spec page so you know what changed LOL – but some items are easy to spot.

(note the text from the Light Tech Specs is noted in italics below)

Storage: it now says “USB on-the-go compatible” which has been a common question in the lightRumors facebook group. There are tons of storage devices you'll be able to attach – but we don't yet know the mechanism of offloading images to such a drive.

ISO: I don't recall this being specified before… now it says 100-3200

They've added a couple of new items for the Light L16 camera as well as the desktop software which appears to be called “Lumen”.

Image processing – L16 5MP optimized for social sharing – Note that previously I believe they had said social sharing images would be 3MP – so a slight increase in quality would be a good thing. But it would also mean larger files going up to the web which could increase bandwidth costs if you're paying by the gb.

Here's 2 new sections on Lumen:

Image processing – Lumen

  • Process photos
  • Adjust depth of field
  • Edit depth
  • Adjust focal plane (coming soon!) – more on this below!
  • Export photos for further editing

System requirements – Lumen

  • 16GB of RAM (recommended)
  • MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher
  • 2012 Macs or newer (recommended)
  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, 8.1, or 10
  • 64-bit processor

Coming soon:

This is where the disappointment comes creeping in as Light has said these items would be included in the Light L16 functionality, but now they're listed as “coming soon” .

Shutter Release Modes: Burst (coming soon!) Advanced low-light burst (coming soon!) – now I don't know about you, but I was expecting to be able to do bursts on day one. Not a big deal breaker for me as I don't do it often.

Video (coming soon!) 4K video with 28mm, 70mm or 150mm focal lengths at full frame equivalent – now this is a big shocker for me (again, not a deal breaker) but for them to say that video isn't available on day 1 is unexpected. I don't believe anyone was really expecting to make L16 into a film making machine on day one, but not having it is a bit of a letdown. They did answer one of my questions though, I was wondering if the video would be able to shoot in between the lens module focal lengths, and the answer is no. It appears that only 28mm, 70mm, or 150mm are valid for video. And that is okay too.

Adjust focal plane (coming soon!) – from the desktop Lumen section – this would be one of the biggest advantages (ok, besides the ability to adjust the background bokeh) for the software – being able to re-select the focus point AFTER the image is shot! I'm disappointed to find out that it won't be in the initial release! 

In the “Sharing” section:

  • Bluetooth to Android or Windows
  • iOS (coming soon!)
  • Direct social integration (coming soon!)

So I've posted that just as they wrote it and so I'm making some assumptions… with iOS (coming soon) I suspect that since it is right below the Bluetooth to Android or Windows that they mean it as: “Bluetooth to Android or Windows – iOS (coming soon!)” and that means that iOS users won't initially be able to connect to the Light L16 via bluetooth. But actually I've been also wondering if they just flat out mean that sharing via an iOS device will be ‘coming soon'?

The last bullet there also implies (tho I'm not 100% sure) that they're working on being able to share an image say to Instagram directly on the camera, but that won't be available on day 1. It also seems to imply (maybe I'm reading this wrong?) that tho the camera will have Android as its operating system, you won't be able to have Instagram installed and share directly to the web – or maybe that means Instagram won't be able to access your images on the camera? Kind of hard to understand without more info from Light. Either way, it is a disappointment.

I've asked Light for any updates or clarifications and they just sent this:

Update from Light:

Before publishing, I asked the folks at Light if they wanted to make any comments and they sent this official reply:

Building first-to-world technology is not easy. The L16 is not just another camera—it’s a complete break from the way photography has been approached for the last 200 years.

Our team built the L16 from scratch. In the past several months, we chose to focus on perfecting the L16's basic functions and ensuring our camera is robust enough for regular use. That has meant we've had to hold off on shipping just a few of the L16's more advanced features. Most of these “coming soon” features, however, are already under development and will ship to L16 devices via over-the-air updates in the coming months. In fact, most pre-order customers will receive cameras with many of these advanced features already enabled.

Today, we deliver on our promise to provide our pre-order customers with a powerful computational camera unlike any they've ever seen or used before. And we are committed to working with our users on developing even more advanced features in the future. We invite all of our customers, followers, and fans alike to join us on this journey as we reimagine photography.





(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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