Light L16 User Guide is online!

Having the Light L16 User Guide online is big news!

Today is the day that Light starts shipping the Light L16 and they've released the online version of the Light L16 User Guide!

I haven't had time yet to dive into it too deeply as I'm traveling today but since my wife is driving I can work… thanks honey!

It isn't the most in depth manual I've ever seen, but then again, the Light L16 isn't meant to be complicated like the fancy DSLRs which require major manuals because they have so many bizarre settings that are nested way down in their menus.

Sections of the Light L16 User Guide:

  • Getting Started
  • Photo Capture
  • Camera Settings
  • Gallery
  • Lumen (the name for their desktop software)
  • Safety, Handling, and Support
  • Technology Partners

Here's a screen grab of the first Lumen page:

Light L16 User Guide


I'll have more analysis in the coming days as I have time to dive in… but feel free to post your comments below. Oh, and if you find anything interesting, let us know in the comments as well.


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