Being able to create amazing background bokeh while shooting an image of a person with hair will possibly be one thing that distinguishes the Light L16 camera from other computational imaging cameras like the iPhone 7+

That sounds crazy right? Hair? How can hair be the thing that sets a camera apart from the rest?

Ever try to use photoshop to isolate a human (with hair) from the background? It is dang hard! Every bit of tiny hair either needs to be isolated or eliminated.

But yet, we're asking the software developers to do that for us because it is too hard. There are plugins for Adobe products right and left that try to help us do that! And we pay for that help too.

So how does the Light L16 compare to the iPhone 7+ portrait mode? Let's have a look.

So, as you can see, what we have on our hands is revolutionary… not even the famous Apple with the iPhone can currently top what the Light L16 camera is doing with its 16 sensor/lens package.

I imagine what is really driving the difference is that the Light L16 is shooting 10 images that all contribute to the depth data, and the iPhone only has 2. I can see this as a huge advantage can't you?



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