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While am traveling I notice strange behavior from some photographers. They are walking around carrying all kinds of heavy cameras but not using a camera strap. I know they are carrying an expensive body and expensive lenses but I think there must be something in our culture that is telling them that it is UNHIP to use a camera strap. It is somehow NOT COOL.

When I take my camera out of my bag the first thing I do is slip the strap around my neck.

One of my cameras has a much shorter strap that I just slip my palm through and it secures the camera from dropping. I did drop a camera about 6 years ago. It fell out of my bag as I was unloading my trunk. It dented the lens and I can no longer put on filters or a lens cap on that camera. That is NOT COOL.

Light L16 strap?

I have not felt the Light L16 in my own hands, obviously. I have seen a few shots of someone holding it up taking pictures. Those people in the photos are NOT using any kind of a strap. The manufacturers of the Light L16 must think it is bad for their image to show their HIP camera being used with an UNCOOL camera strap.

(planetMitch note: the Light L16 will ship with a small wrist strap – but it may not be the style you want).

I personally want a camera strap and I plan to buy one and use it. I just don't know what kind will be best for me personally.

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Light L16 Cases?

You might think I'm being picky but I also want a camera case for my expensive new Light L16. Since it is relatively small it might be interesting to have a case that looks like one of the iPhone cases some nerds wear on their belt. I want a quick draw model. I also want one that would not be easy for a thief to enter and do a pick pocket routine.

What about a Light L16 custom bag?

I'll go for a small bag with a strap that goes over my neck in addition to a strap on the camera body itself.

Last but not least a Light L16 tripod plate?

While I'm at it I want a plate to mount to the bottom of the Light L16 to mount onto my tripod with quick release. I use Really Right Stuff tripods and ball heads and love them. I wrote the company and they suggested a model for me to consider. They were of the opinion that the Light 16 would be relatively low production so the cost of them developing a custom made L plate to go both horizontal and vertical on my tripod is probably not in the cards.

I'll wait until I get my Light 16 into my own hands to form stronger opinions.

What are your thoughts on Light L16 accessories?

planetMitch note: Don't ya wonder how many vendors are lining up to make Light L16 accessories? Or are they hanging back to see how well it sells after the first batch?


Cover image source: light.co — note I also wonder if the cover image doesn't show a hint of the case at the bottom of the Light L16 in the image?

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