We got a significant update from the team at Light.co today with a couple of images from an older release of their software and a recent release, and the improvements are quite visible.

Here's a snippet from their blog:

Much of the Light team is currently consumed with mass production preparation and addressing feedback from the L16 Beta program.

While that is going on, we thought we'd show a glimpse of the improvements we have been making to our imaging software. Stitching and fusing together 10 images is not easy, and our computational imaging team has spent years developing and improving Light's software to ensure color is correct and details are properly aligned. The team has made big strides since February as evidenced in these two examples:

Light L16 sample software update

Light L16 sample software update

The changes include fusion that retains more details (in the shadows especially). We've also fixed the auto white-balance and reduced aberration and color fringing. Most importantly, the images look better and more accurate.

This software will constantly evolve and improve, so that even images taken a year ago will get better over time. We hope you like the results!

Source: Image Improvements

So, while you may be drooling for more, I consider these significant in that the images coming out of the camera are better than they were a few months ago – AND – let's not forget that we'll be able to get future software upgrades over the air! Unlike many camera manufacturers who leave you to buy their next generation of camera just to get software upgrades, we're treated to a company that realizes the future is in the software!

Obviously they've improved the auto-white balance as well as removing most (if not all) of the previously seen chromatic aberrations (tho they were pretty good already) giving a much more pleasing image.

I was told that the software update went out to all beta testers last week! And it is so nice knowing that the over the air update process works much like the software updates we're used to on our smartphones.

I took to the video waves to give you my take on the updates…


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(cover photo credit: light.co)


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