Well, we've just passed thru our first month and I'm starting to add some of the planned features.

You might notice the change in the layout a bit as well as I've switched to a different theme – please let me know if you like it (or hate it).

Anyway, over the weekend, I added a new “Video Showcase” feature to the site – you can find it in the menu. Go ahead and visit right now to see how it works and let me know what you think!

The idea is to have one spot to show off videos we find around the world once the Light L16 starts shipping, but I also wanted to have a place where you could see all of the current/past videos about the Light company and technology. I've added most of the ones I think are appropriate – and we've had our first submission as well! You do have to register to submit – but that's mainly so I can contact you later if I have questions.

I'm pretty excited about where we're going around here… and if you happen to be one of the new Beta Testers – please message me!


planetMitch started many moons ago with a large airplane manufacturer who decided they didn't need him any more. Now he runs successful businesses including the best DSLR video blog on the planet - planet5D.

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