Poking around on Instagram, I found some photos that are behind-the-scenes from the photos that were released by Light 2 weeks ago. I may have seen some of them before, but now they make a lot more sense.

Note these are NOT images shot on an L16!

DP and Director David McMurry (instagram: @davidmcmurry or website davidmcmurry.com) posted a few images and we now know who the woman is that was in the beach shot with the L16. Her name is Leslie Saunders (instagram @lesliesaunders)

Here's David holding a prototype L16:

And one of his behind-the-scenes (likely not shot on the L16) of the Saunders Sisters (their joint instagram)

Another shot from David (it is on his instagram but he credits Ashley Saunders (instagram page) for the image in the caption) of the filming of what I'm guessing is an advertisement or publicity video:

Note the gentleman on the far left (white shirt) appears to have another Light L16 (or maybe a cell phone) in his left hand… and what's that in his back pocket? Phone or Light? Or something completely different?

Ashley posted this image of Leslie on the beach in the same outfit as the Light L16 image (again, not an L16 image)

And finally, this shot is very similar to one released by Light – but this was not shot on Light and was probably instagram filtered (so we can't really do a comparison side by side with the L16) by David:

Here's the Light L16 version (again, we can't compare them so don't try!):

So what do you think? Cool eh?


(cover photo credit: snap from instagram)


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