We had been given several images of the front of the new Light L16 camera a few weeks ago (see those here if you missed them) and Michael Gmirkin spotted this one in an article on Imaging-Resource the other day.

I have confirmed with Light.co that this indeed is an updated image of the back of the camera.

We don't get a whole lot of clues from this, but if the image shown on the screen is actually ‘live' then we do get a bit of an idea of the user interface we'll see on the Light L16!

It sure appears to be very minimal (which is good in a user interface), and we see a setting which I'm guessing is ISO because it says ISO (that's a joke haha?), and one that appears to be what I'm guessing is exposure below that.

I haven't figured out what the icon at the top represents. Any ideas?

And at the bottom is a tiny arrow, which I guess is the way to get to more detailed settings.

(cover photo credit: imaging-resource.com via Light.co)


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