Last week, Light released 11 new photos from the Light L16 shoot they did in Cuba.

I spent some time looking at them and imported them to lightRoom (this is going to confuse me at times – lightRumors, lightRoom – very similar LOL) to be able to evaluate them as I would with images I shot myself and I recorded a couple of videos so that I could share what I saw when I was looking at the L16 images.

I started with one of the largest images from the previous batch. And tho it is hard to tell because there isn't a corresponding image that closely matches that one in terms of backlighting, I believe we can see lots of improvements from that batch to the new batch. Of course I wish we had full size images as well as what ever kind of RAW they're going to put out (tho realistically LightRoom wouldn't be able to read them anyway probably).

Please remember that while I've taken tons of photos, I am not claiming to be an expert on high dynamic range or HDR, but I know enough to be dangerous and I can share what I know and what I see in these new images. And of course you can disagree with me too.

And of course, these images also open up plenty of questions we don't have answers to yet! Like how much can we control the exposure, the dynamic range, etc.? Can we actually create a silhouette? What dimensions are the final images going to have? (I could go on and on and I'm sure you're doing the same in your mind)… but at least we do have these to play with!

I'd love to know what you think as well – let's have a chat in the comments below – or on our Light L16 facebook group!

Here's the first video:

(Note: it looks like my fancy plugin won't display 2 videos in the same post? Geez… sorry… have to make two posts… HATE THAT!)

Part 2 is here


(cover photo credit: snap from


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