I don't know why my fancy plugin for displaying the videos won't let me do 2 in one post, but this is the quick solution…

Part 1 was here

The Rest of the Images and the Problems

Now, I know some of you are going to be upset with me, but I've put a requirement that you join our email list before watching this. Look, I get it, I don't care for them either, but since this site is brand spanking new, it will really help both of us to have you on our email list so you will get regular updates from me. This helps you not forget about me either – and when you see something you want to read come into your email, you're more likely to come back and visit.

You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time (and of course we comply with all the laws and have an unsubscribe on all emails) but I'd really love you to stick around please!

And yes, there are some minor problems – especially noted in the last image of the woman in the red dress.

So, here's the second video:

(cover photo credit: snap from Light.co)


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