We're still expect much more information to come out this week – hopefully Friday – but I was just given 4 images of the final production version of the Light L16!

These are small images to let the site load quickly, but I've loaded the full size images on the lightRumors Light L16 Flickr group.

Things that I notice are different… (what do you see that is different? Comment below):

  • The flash used to be above the “Light” logo and it has now moved and is a dual-color flash
  • The laser focus assist moved a bit to make room for the flash and appears to be a solid color (not see thru glass any more)
  • The grip section is flat – earlier images had a very slight rise from the flat surface of the glass
  • There's a tiny hole to the right of the Light name – probably the mic hole for video
  • On the left side (when facing the front), we see the attachment slot for the wrist strap – but there also used to be a plug slot there – it is now gone
  • We don't get to see the bottom – this is where I assume the micro-usb port and the power adapter (unless they're the same now) will be
  • We also don't get any shots of the back?

So what do you think?

Anything I missed?

Please share this with everyone! Help us grow to be #1 Light coverage on the planet!

(cover and all images courtesy: Light (light.co/))



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