There's a buzz in the world of the Light L16 – last week an article appeared in Bloomberg about Light and there was one major section down at the bottom…

“The preordered L16s will finally start shipping this month, and Grannan is planning an aggressive push after that: taking new direct orders by May, then rolling out to specialty online sellers, mass online sellers, and ultimately brick-and-mortar retail by the end of 2017.”

I've been digging and making connections to see if I could confirm that.

Earlier today, a spokesman from Light made a statement that appeared on Facebook posted by Ryan Vet (I confirmed with Ryan that it was a non-public response to a query he made on Light's page so I can't link to the original statement):

“From Light FB page in response to me asking about this article:

Unfortunately, that article is not correct. We will not be shipping this month. We just recently wrapped up our latest build in China. The units coming out of this build will be submitted for certification (by the FCC and others), which is a very exciting milestone towards shipping cameras to everyone! We will be publishing a major schedule update for everyone at the end of this week. So stay tuned for that.”

So, while the Bloomberg article is exciting, sadly that snippet isn't correct.

The very good news however is that we're getting more information late this week! That also corresponds with info we were told earlier that we would get a major update mid-April — and that's just around the corner!

So I was curious… just how long does FCC certification take?

FCC Certification Time. FCC certification time for connected devices should take anywhere between 8-12 weeks.

Now, that does NOT mean shipping will begin at that time, but I was curious to know how long that usually takes (and I remember reading stuff about that on MacRumors when they're talking about new products). But if they're going after approvals, that does imply that the product is “locked” and nearly complete I suspect. Which is very good news for us!

Some exciting times coming!

And I'm also bracing for the complaints as well… I'm sure some will be unhappy that they aren't shipping NOW.

(Photo credit: Photographer: Ulysses Ortega for Bloomberg – excerpt of larger image used without permission)


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