What is the Light L16?

We're a community of users of the Light L16 camera (from Light.co)

The Light L16 is a revolutionary new camera that will change the landscape of photography forever.

The typical camera has one lens and one sensor where the Light L16 is a paradigm shift because it uses 16 lenses and 16 sensors to record a 52mp image!

The target customers are in the range of smartphone users who want to shoot better photographs all the way up to the professional photographer who wants the same quality they get from a DSLR but in a much more portable smartphone like form factor

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lightRumors is more than just a site owned by one guy, it is a community of Light L16 owners and those who want to know more!

When you join (entry fee is simply making time to register), you'll have access to our forum, our email newsletter, and our Light L16 training plus you'll have the ability to upload your Light L16 photos and videos to share with the rest of the world! And there's a lot more too.

Eventually, we'll be adding a paid membership that will include discounts to accessories and more plus we'll have things like weekly calls and critique sessions where you can improve your Light L16 skills. More on that later.

Have a look around and join our community!

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